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St Mary MacKillop Catholic School aims to be a Christ centered school. Our values are based on the amazing work and life of St Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

Expression of Faith – That God is present in everyone and in all situations.

Show No Distinction – That every person is equal and is to be treated with respect.

Excellence – In working to improve the education, opportunities and life chances for all people.

Service – That we are all called to service and love of others (to do our bit!).


St Mary MacKillop Catholic School
10-12 McNaughton Ave
Auckland 2024

Tel: 09 257 1435
Fax: 09 257 1436

Email: office@marymackillop.school.nz

St Anthony Childcare.

20 Kirkbride Rd

Mangere BridgeAuckland 2022

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De La Salle College provides a Catholic education to 1000 boys from Years 7 to Year 13, founded on the values and teachings of our Founder, St John Baptiste De La Salle.

We believe in an holistic education that focuses on the “head and heart” of every student and one that places God as the central point in their lives.

Our vision is to create great men of learning, community and character.

While there are many changes taking place within education, De La Salle embraces these within a framework of LaSallian values which are constant.

Faith: A commitment to our Catholic faith story, prayer and the Gospel values.

Service: Working with and for family, community and those in need.

Community: Respect for self and others and the selfless contribution for the benefit of others.

Excellence: A belief in excellence in all areas of life, academic, sporting, musical, cultural and faith.

Parents entrust their sons to the College and the Staff at De La Salle are proud to serve your son and family in these crucial formative years of his education.







Contact Details

81 Gray Avenue

Mangere East

Auckland 2024

Email: admin@delasalle.school.nz

Ph: 09 276 4319